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Wreckless Abandon

Mini Dinosaur Terrarium Display DIY Jar

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This adorable mini DIY dinosaur terrarium jar is everything you need to make your own little archeological dig! 

each mini kit includes:

* thick glass jar with metal lid (lid has a cute dinosaur footprint sticker on top) 

* “ancient” gravel - this includes lavender and rose petals to make it smell yummy! If you want just plain gravel please leave a note at check out 

* collection of dinosaur bones- each kit includes the broken up skeletal remains of a dinosaur, as well as a larger dinosaur skull. Dinosaurs included are completely random but can include brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, iguanodon, parasaurolophus, and more! All Dino bones are “aged” and separated so you can arrange them however you like! Remember that dinosaurs are very rarely found in one piece! Hehe. 

* mini green (fake) fern plants. 

* genuine mini tumbled amethyst stones.  

*tissue paper is included at the bottom of each jar to dig a “different layer of ground” look, as well as a nice base to put your gravel on top of. 

use all or some items to set up a cute dig site for any dinosaur lover! Cute for offices, bookshelves, kids, or even nerdy (we say that in a lovingly way) adults! 

please note all these items are handmade and may have small tiny handmade flaws but are all made with lots of love! to see how we set this up, check our instagram for a video! Tweezers may help with the smaller details. 

* shipping on these guys may be a little pricey because of the thick glass and heavy gravel included- because of this we lowered the price to offset what you may pay in shipping. Every jar also comes with some freebie stickers! 

*due to the nature of the glass and the size these may ship out separately from the rest of your order. This is at no additional cost to the customer, and tracking will be provided. Thank you for understanding! 


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